Why Spiritual People Need To Make Money

Why spiritual people need to make money. Yes it is a simple statement, yet so many kind hearted spiritual people battle with this issue. Spiritual people can encompass people from different backgrounds such as philosophical, religious, esoteric, metaphysical, healers, health practitioners  and what have you.

The issue is across the board the need to see money as a spiritual energy. There is no time like the present for you to monetize your passion and share your gift to the world. In order to do this  you need to have an online presence and understand how to market yourself.

Why spiritual people need to make money
Time and Money!

Spiritual people need to have a CEO type mentality of their business in order to thrive. This only happens when you have a scalable business model, that can show you the 6 steps to 6 figures online in 90 days or less. Now I really want you to understand that this is achievable by following proven systems and structures.  More so than that imagine the life changing experience this will have upon you and your business as you now have extra capital to grow and share your vision.

I know the feeling you may have. You have so much to offer to the world and you see others who don’t offer much and yet earn big incomes. There is no need to feel hard done by. Again in 2016 with the use of clever tools, systems, strategies you can automate much of your business so you can focus on your core gift. This gift then leads to massive value given to the world and with the use of internet marketing you can reach all four corners of the earth.

The beauty of following your ESP (essence, soul, and purpose), is that your guardian angels will give you a hand in the right direction. They want to see you successful and this is why spiritual people need to make money. You have invisible protection. Believe that you can monetize your passion and always keep moving forward with the necessary steps to thrive.

You know that you have potential for greater things. Become childlike and have that thirst for wisdom in all facts of your life be it business and personal. Allow your creativity to flow and make those ideas come to fruition with making money. You be in control of your destiny and create the lifestyle you want.

Why you need a scalable business model
Climb To The Top!


Help your loved ones and friends with the wisdom that their purpose in life can be monetized. Have the desire to climb the mountain and strive for more. Go where those around you are to afraid to go. Begin your ascension and reach the apex, the zeneth in your life. This ambition of getting to the top is what will bring forth the true balance of spirituality.

So now you see why spiritual people need to make money, so go out there and make your money!



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