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Video 1: The Vision of 10M with Stanley Tsiamoulis & Zeneth Culture

Duration: 1m 51s

Discover your life's purpose and live the life you were born to live, with guidance using The ESP Code Numerology!

Video 2: Your Identity Number

Duration: 3m 48s

Just by knowing the powerful effect of The Sun and The Moon has on your Identity Number is limitless. You must access the magic of truly understanding your Day + Month of Birth.


Video 3: Your Type of Identity Number

Duration: 3m 53s

You will learn that the remaining planets up to Pluto that sit under The Dome of the Enclosed system on Earth has an extreme importance of your Type of Identity!

Zeneth Culture Numerology Your Character aka Life Path Number Video

Video 4: Your Character Number (aka) Life Path Number

Duration: 4m 02s

Your life path number is ONLY 1 number in your ESP Code 4 numbered sequence. You must understand all your code to fulfil your life's purpose!


Video 5: Your ESP (Essence | Soul | Purpose) Number

Duration: 3m 27s

Discover your 4th and last number in YOUR ESP Code sequence. This 4th number is what underpins and drives your other 3 numbers. For the first time in cosmic history get the clarity you deserve!


Video 6: The Energies of Numbers 1 to 9

Duration: 7m 05s

You have now cracked the code to YOUR ESP Code 4 numbered Sequence. Let's dive deep and discover what the meaning of numbers 1 through to 9 are in terms of both positive and negative.


Video 7: Your Energy Profiled With Other People

Duration: 4m 42s

Imagine in 30 seconds just by merely knowing your Day+Month with other people's Day+Month can equal an energy profile of either positive, neutral or negative. You can save a life time of heart ache or


Video 8: Your Energy Profiled With Locations & Countries

Duration: 8m 01s

Have you ever wondered why your friend or family member might like certain country and you cannot stand the energy of that same country? Well stop wondering and find our why now!


Video 9: Understanding The Sin Wave of Numbers & The Cosmos

Duration: 3m 39s

Now that your at the Video #9 when you discover this simple little graph, which shows the bio-rhythms of everything in life. You will have an epiphany beyond your wildest dreams.


Video 10: Your Energy Numbers Profiled With Time

Duration: 2m 55s

Imagine bending time in your favour. You can structure time in relation to your upcoming running year, month, day and even minutes by simply using numbers fast and accurate. What price can you put on knowing this?


Video 11: Your Arrows and Birth Numbers

Duration: 2m 46s

Ever played noughts and crosses? Well with this method, simply using numbers you can see how your very own full or empty arrows describe certain attributes about yourself!


Video 12: Your Numbers With The Chinese Animal/Sign and Element

Duration: 2m 38s

The ancient Chinese have 12 animals according to your birth year. By understanding your animal sign AND element combined with Your ESP Code. You will tap into your soul blueprint beyond your wildest dreams!

Zeneth Culture Numerology Numbers and Letters In Your Names and Countries Video 13

Video 13: Numbers and Letters in Your Names and Countries

Duration: 3m 01s

Did you know every letter in your name has a 9 year cycle?

How about the fact that countries also have numbers? Well, it's time you tapped into this wisdom. For your true purpose awaits!


Video 14: Your Western Zodiac Signs, Qualities/Elements, Planets, Symbols and Birth Numbers

Duration: 5m 05s

Most people are aware of their zodiac sign. You also owe it to yourself to discover the other benefits of your star sign such as qualities, elements, ruling planers and symbols!


Video 15: Your Western Zodiac Nature, Interests, Positives, Negatives and Birth Numbers

Duration: 2m 26s

Go deep and access the full potential of your zodiac sign, such as the positives and negatives. When used in conjunction with Your ESP Codes the validation is miraculous!


Video 16:The Cosmic Portal to Your ESP Code (The Last Number)

Duration: 3m 09s

Your last number in The ESP Code 4 numbered sequence is what drives you sub-consciously. With the energy on Earth shifting into 5D, you must understand what this 4th number means to your life's purpose!


Video 17: Your Numbers Govern Your Psychology, Physiology, and Biology

Duration: 3m 42s

As above so below. As within so without. The beautiful science of Astrology & Astronomy simplified with Stanley's The ESP Code, will allow you to dive into your sub-conscious and tap into the true psychology, physiology and biology that will leave any experts in this field in deep awe!


Video 18: The Guidance of Zeneth Culture and Stanley Tsiamoulis’s The ESP Code To Reform Humanity!

Duration: 2m 51s

The Collective Cosmic Consciousness (CCC) of all truth seekers, light workers and spiritual people who allocate their gifts and time for humanity is extremely powerful. Join Stanley Tsiamoulis's vision of 10 Million people to discover their ESP Code!

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