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Stanley Takes Synchronicity Beyond Levels Never Before Seen. Even Carl Jung Would Be Pleasantly Surprised!

Stanley Tsiamoulis (aka Stan Lee) The Mathematical Alchemist

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Gold Realignment
  • Mathematical realignment 60 min reading, PLUS mind map notes! 
  • Zoom or Skype recorded call.
  • Unlimited access to me for 33 days. Ask any questions about your reading. AND apply your ESP Code practically. Be fascinated by the synchronicities!



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Sapphire Realignment
  • Mathematical realignment 90 min reading, PLUS mind map notes!
  • Zoom or Skype recorded call
  • Monthly Q & A for 3 months. PLUS, friends can come for free!
  • Unlimited access to me for 3 months. Ask any questions about your reading. AND apply your ESP Code practically.
  • Be fascinated by the synchronicities over these next 3 months. Together we will formulate your higher self's journey!




Emerald Realignment

In The Below Three Reviews The Cosmic Key Points Having Guidance From Stanley Tsiamoulis (aka Stan Lee) The Mathematical Alchemist & His ESP Code Numerology Are As Follows:

  • Have your mind blown. In a good way!
  • Unique ESP Code numerology method!
  • Everything makes more sense!
  • Connection to Stanley as a trusted advisor!
  • The synchronicities amplify the longer the connection!
  • Stanley is sincere & passionate to help humanity!
  • Stanley is truly gifted well beyond numerology!
  • The ESP Code numerology method is a holistic lifetime plan!

Cosmic Coaching Guidance & Advice.

(Mindset, Business, Personal & Spiritual At All New Levels)!

Stanley The Cosmic Bridge of Heaven & Earth Is Merging

The Mystical Eastern Wisdom of Vedic Mathematics and Astrology

With The Infusion of Western Wisdom

Benevolent Billionaires Unite With Stanley Tsiamoulis (aka Stan Lee) Zodiac Magic Round Table of Twelve!

The Three Western Men Below Studied and Appreciated Eastern Mysticism

Nikola Tesla, Serbian Electrical Engineer & Futurist.
ESP Code: 8212
Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist, coined the term Synchronicity
ESP Code: 6399
Edgar Cayce, American Clarivoyant known as The Sleeping Prophet
ESP Code: 3587

Stanley Takes Synchronicity To A Whole New Level

SSS + CCC + PPP = ESP (Essence | Soul | Purpose)


Stanley's Deep 23 Years of Research and Study, and His Constant Pursuit of Seeking Wisdom in 2023 and Beyond Has Led Him To Become Earth's Top Professional Problem Solver.

Stanley's Ability To Merge The East & West Ancient Wisdom To Help Humanity!

As Above So Below. As Within So Without. Quantum Mechanics/Physics Is Underpinned By The Celestial Bodies. The Foremost Being The Sun & The Moon!

Many Famous Western Entrepreneurs Have Gone To The East, Such As India To Seek Wisdom & Answers To Life.

larry brilliant
Lawrence Brilliant, Inaugural Executive Director of, Travelled To India In The 1970's
ESP Code: 1912
mark zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder, Traveled To India In The Early Years of Facebook
ESP Code: 1451
steve jobs
Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, Traveled To India in The 1970's
ESP Code: 8212

Stanley Having Been Initiated By His Swami Guru in 2013, Has Gone On To Seek Wisdom Tenaciously In All Areas of Life.

His Childlike Hunger For Wisdom and Creation of His Mathematical Code, (The ESP Code) In December 2011 Has Taken Synchronicity To Cosmic Levels Never Before Seen!

Stanley Takes Synchronicity Beyond Levels Never Before Seen. Even Carl Jung Would Be Pleasantly Surprised!

Stanley Has Cracked The Code of The Ancient Wisdom of The Mystical East And Infusing It With The Magickal West To Apply It in A Practical Manner.

You Realign Your Body With Exercise, Yoga, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Osteopath.
You Realign Your Mind With Visioning, Breathing, Soothing Music, Prayers.

It's Now Time To Realign, Calibrate & Fine-Tune Your Essence, Soul, & Purpose!

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