The Deeper You Go The More You Know!

I can’t stress enough the urgency of understanding your gift. I feel a sense of responsibility to show you that you have this untapped wisdom inside you, waiting to show you what your true purpose in life is. This gift is amplified by knowing your ESP Code. It is like a catalyst a spark, if you will, that ignites your inner child. And for me it was a surreal experience that keeps on going.

The ESP CodeThe confidence you have by knowing your gift, knowing yourself and knowing your path is aligned is an experience that you must go through. For it will grow you in so many positive ways, that it will make you become a problem solver. You are on this planet for a period of time. The goal is to keep going deeper from the inside out to understand your gift, your ESP. The utmost importance of this at the end of the day rests with you. The decision you make is a brave one to decide to truly know yourself. I can tell you from my own experience it is a decision well made and a decision needed for the better of human kind. Create your urgency.

Parasites In Your Mind,
Be Gone It’s Time To Shine

As you go along your journey be very cautious of people who will bring you down or try to stop you from pursuing your ESP, your gift. I call these people dream busters. I cannot emphasize this enough as these people will drain your energy. Avoid them at all costs.

The dream busters are mostly people who have not pursued their own dreams, and done nothing of importance in their lives. Don’t allow them to bully you or steal from you or place negative thoughts in your mind as this will become like a parasite. They will try to stop your journey.

Human Brain- LightsStay away from the con-artists, charlatans, tricksters, and dream busters, whose agendas are purely financial for more control of impure actions. They use techniques of mind control without you knowing.

The best antidote is to stay on your path and lead by example. Your actions speak louder than words and the people you touch and lives you help prosper may even have a ripple effect for dream busters, to wake up. Seek people who align and believe in what you believe, people who totally get your ESP and can say. “Yeah, I relate to that”.

When it comes to family love them and show them your love with your results. With close friends who don’t align with your ESP, spend less time with them. You may think this is harsh, however I can assure you in the end once you begin your dream, it will be a decision very well made. In short stay away from dream busters, and seek dream builders.


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