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The ESP Code Numerology. The Most Accurate | Unique | Simplest Numerology In The Cosmos!

Credibility Expert-TedTalk Speaker. Mitchell Levy Interviews Stanley Tsiamoulis‘ The ESP Code Numerology!

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Law of Attraction Guru. Michele Joy Speaks to Stanley33. How His Numerology Code Can Help You Manifest!

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Susan Kennard interviews Stanley Tsiamoulis talking about his special cosmic The ESP Code Numerology!

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Stanley Takes Synchronicity Beyond Levels Never Before Seen.

Even Carl Jung Would Be Pleasantly Surprised!

18th April 2021, Sunday (AEST, in Sydney) [17th April 2021, Monday EST, USA]

Rosemary Dawson, Australia’s Best Author on Dream Interpretations

“I have known Stanley for several years now. Although I am a numerologist myself. I find that his take on numerology is completely different and incorporates a total body, mind and soul aspect of numerology. As a consequence he is giving you a more holistic view of your lifetime plan. I would recommend his teaching of methodology to anyone.”

Dean Zekis, Australia’s Top Osteopath

“Hello, I am Dean Zekis. I have a masters in Osteopathic Clinical Paediatrics. I have had an interesting meeting today with Stan Tsiamoulis and The ESP Code. And he revealed some very important numbers in regards to my endeavours in life.

How I work, what I do, and I found it very informative and exciting to see that I am actually working in the right industry and heading in the right direction under Stan’s guidance. Thank you.”

Anita Wong, 71 years old Awesome Nutritionist

“I love Your Numbers Your Journey. This is the best book I have picked up for a long, long time. And when I read the information I can really use it. It is simple and very easy that I can apply to my business.”

Get to know Your ESP (Essence, Soul & Purpose). Check out his website and find your true purpose in life. Thank You”

Kent Steedman,

Master Tea Herbal Specialist

” Hi I am Kent from Tien He Healing Arts. I have known Stan for a number of years. His ESP Code and his wisdom and his ability to put it together is second to none. I highly recommend it.”

Raman Das, Australia’s Best Ayurvedic Health Expert

“You have done very well in Numerology, you are very dedicated and passionate about this subject. You have spent day and night on this subject.”

Numerology with The ESP Code on the Streets of Sydney!

“I was really surprised when he said each and everything. It exactly matched, the way he told me I am super connected to God, from my childhood. Everything thing he said was pretty much right.”

“Just one thing for him. I just went to him. What ever he said was true. The way I speak people get influenced. I think most of the people do. He is very super duper, duper talented.”

Numerology with The ESP Code Believer in Country NSW Australia!

“Come to meet Stanley, he will tell you some very good things… Very good, very nice, it’s true everything is true what he said.”

School Teacher and Reiki Healer Embraces The ESP Code Numerology!

“You were very, very clear in the way you explained this. Certainly showed some insights and patterns of relationships between myself and my family… It’s really given me some food for thought in how to move forward in my career and my relationships.”

The ESP Code Numerology Amplifies Spirituality For An Aged Care Worker!

“I am very happy, and have this good energy on me… I felt like something drawing me to come here.”

The ESP Code Numerology Workshop

The ESP Code Numerology Workshop in Sydney!

“It’s easy to learn, Stanley really breaks everything down and he provides the booklets to follow along…I understand myself a lot more and what is my path and where I am going, where I am heading and what I am supposed to be doing.”

The ESP Code Numerology Workshop

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Margaret with The ESP Code Reading

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A Powerful Retired Nurse Discovers The ESP Code Numerology!

“It’s really interesting, and it brings things to mind that have actually happened, and actually true…It’s very good, very interesting.”

An Empath Feels Stanley’s Strong Light Energy!

“Beautiful. I cannot even put it into words. It’s just so strong and beautiful and light… I was taking in awe to the point of, I wasn’t even listening to what you were saying. I just wanted to stand in that beautiful radiance and awe. It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

A Psychology Student Discovers The Power of Numerology!

“It was very interesting to find out about myself. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about Numerology…to see that my numbers add up to the nurturing side is good.”

Famous Singer, Actress, Musician & Her Mother Access Their ESP Code Numerology!

“Really mind opening… very quick, very thorough. I didn’t have any questions left unanswered. … I thought it was really amazing… with a baseline of where I am heading and where I want to go. Really interesting and encouraging.”

Project Manager and his Partner Discover The Power of 9999 Numerology!

“The Code is very interesting. The first time I ever got into this sort of stuff, very very different. I grasped the energies of people around me as a 9999… The ESP Code is an eye opener.”

Seeking Mother Discovering The Practicality of Numerology!

“Very interesting and made a lot of sense with my life. And I am happy to be one of the King of Diamonds.”

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