Good People Bring More Good People

Can Some Recruiters Be Polluters? Ok these people can be very cunning and very shrewd. Masters of their craft. Now  there are recruiters with good intentions who attract, screen and select people for work, sport, life, networking etc… and this is fine. In simple terms we all recruit at some level in our lives.

There are also recruiters that do not have good intentions, such as the conartists, charlatan’s, tricksters who know a variety of methods and spend their time learning skills to hide their deep fears and insecurities. They have dark hidden agendas and will do anything to impact themselves on you. They will give you compliments, confuse you, take from you without even realizing it. They will make you think like they are doing you a favour despite the fact that you may not give them a lot of money upfront. They will however find cunning ways to take your money via other methods.

Slowly they gain your trust, money and energy.


You see their motives are from a subconscious level. They have these habits that they do not want to break and will suck the energy from you like parasites. They will pollute your mind with confusing thoughts. Despite the fact that some of these people will claim to give you more peace, money, energy, anything you desire. There real issue comes from fears and insecurities deeply rooted in them. Never fear, you have awareness now. Just by reading about this gives you awareness. You begin to think. Imagine knowing yourself and having protective armour, so to speak, so that you remain on your path to ascension.

Do not allow your mind to be polluted. Use your ESP to create a barrier around you. This will allow yourself to harness your own purpose and create the vision that you truly desire!



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