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Urgent Alert: Mental Illnesses Can Be Helped Via

The ESP Code Numerology!

The Below 19 Videos (some of which "seem" to repeat).

Are Not To Disrespect People. Stanley Thinks & Feels The Information Is Very Much Needed In The Times Humanity Is Going Through In 2020, 2021 & Beyond.

You will notice as we are in the first quarter of March 2021, some of the below videos were created in 2018.

You Have A Unique Gift. It's Time You Begin To Harness Your Talents!

Numerology with the connection to Bipolar & Schizophrenia!

* The pattern of 1's and 5's in the ESP Code.

* When you can balance this you can become a genius.

* The ESP Code numerology can help you.

Understand Your Numerological Energies and Avoid Organisations Tricking You!

* Seek deep and Know Thyself!

* Your spiritual ascension involves you knowing your archetypes.

* Hence avoid being tricked by organisations and people.

Numerology & Triangulation to Cross Reference So Called Teachers, Experts, Guru's

* Always cross-reference via a minimum of 3 sources on a certain topic.

* By triangulating you narrow down the energy that is in sync with you.

* To measure is to treasure.

Are Spiritual Healers Actual Deceivers. Teach Yourself With The ESP Code Numerology!

* Don't be deceived by spiritual healers who are false.

* Understand your ESP Code and begin to become your own healer.

* Take psychology, biology, physiology and indeed para-psychology to a whole new level.

Tap Into Your Creativity Not Someone Else's Stupidity!

* Know Thyself to allow you to strip away fears and bring forth your gift. 

* Be simple and original. And build your own Picasso in creating your puzzle in life. 

* Access both sides of your brain Left = analytical, structure, logical, thinking Right = artistic, emotional, feeling

Mental Illness Abolished With The Ultimate Cosmic Herbal Elixir!

* Humanity is undergoing an epidemic of mental illness in its various forms. 

Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Narcissism, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Parkinson's Disease, Dementia ..., and the list goes on

* Herbs have been used by all the ancient civilizations to heal.

* When you access your ESP Code Numerology, you begin to tap into your subconscious mind. This allows for healing.

Awake & Unpopular (Truth Seeker) v Not Awake & Popular (Facade)

* Most often than not the awakened truth seeker is not popular.

* Have courage and seek the truth. Do not cherry-pick, seek! This is how humanity heals.

* Research smartly on the internet and apply the FEDD principle (Filter | Evaluate | Discern | Discard), the pearls of wisdom that remain you, master.

Creativity (Childlike) Versus Stupidity (Childish). Tap Into Positive NOT Negative!

* Being child-like = Positive energy. This leads to creativity and adding value to humanity.

* Being childish = Negative energy. This leads to stupidity, jealousy, and hypocrisy. 

* Elevate and collaborate to surround yourself with spiritually awakened people.

Judging, Assuming, Hypocrisy & Confusion As Collective Cosmic Consciousness Kicks In!

* Certain religions, philosophies, spiritualities, groups, family & friends, mold people to use these organizations as an excuse to contradict their true values and beliefs. People will always use FEAR + GUILT = HYPOCRISY 

* Avoid being delusional, judging, assuming, as this confusion will grow bigger.

* Tap into the positive collective cosmic consciousness. You have free will.

Humans Have Free Will, Creativity is Essential!

* Your free will is all about intention. Use your intention for creativity in a benevolent way.

* Become a critical integrative thinker and synchronize to your purpose. 

* Knowing your archetypes is the foundational principle to help guide your free will.

Wisdom Thieves In Spirituality & Religion!

* Be aware of people who merely steal wisdom for the sake of ego.

* Earth is abundant and having this mentality opens the portals for meeting amazing people and not people who siphon your energy.

* To evolve follow the light and have faith in yourself. You are your own spiritual person.

How Numerology Can Detect Schizophrenia & Bipolar!

* When you drift off your path. Your soul gets bored. This leads to the splitting of energies. As such mental illnesses creep in.

* Be grounded in your energy and protect your energy from 5G, and dark souls.

* For those with 1's and 5's shield your energies to shine forth the genius.

How Numerology Detects Energy Thieves!

* People can zap the energies of others. Our souls operate at a higher frequency. We need to be aware of our own frequencies so as to shield them.

* Energy gives clues via synchronicities. Be in tune with them and also discern them.

* When you are on purpose, stay on purpose so that you don't deplete your energy. It can take quite some time to reach back at a higher energy frequency.

How Numerology Detects Narcissists, Hypocrites and Manipulators!

* Live your life and not someone else's own agenda to have you go against your free will.

* 99% of humanity is going through confusion. Be the 1% and have clarity, so as to detect the narcissists and manipulators.

* Access your ESP code and begin to know yourself at the quantum level.

How Numerology Can Help You Combat Against Dark Energies and 5G Technology!

* Spiritual warfare is happening at a much faster rate. Humans are not aware of the discernment needed against the dark energies. 

* Have faith and stay on your path/purpose. The correct people will come in your life to help you.

* To combat against the dark energies, self-correct IN THE MOMENT. This means be aware of your subconscious mind.

Don't Allow Mental Illness To Be Contagious. Take Back Control of Your Mind, There Are Solutions!

* Brainwaves are contagious. Shield your energies and thoughts from others. This is VIP!

* Mental illness is not knowing who you are due to confusion and anger. You need to tap into your positivity and creativity, for the betterment of others NOT yourself!

* Resolve mental illness with The ESP code numerology.

Pathogens Link With Hollywood Movies, Music & Social Media!

* Pathogens = Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi. These can infest your body and brain. You need to control the pathogens so as to connect with your mind.

* Movies have a subliminal effect on you. Coupled with pathogens and humanity is undergoing spiritual warfare.

* Become more spiritual and take awareness to your nutrition, breathing, thinking, and praying.

Ego + Fanatics = Hypocrites. Balance Is The Key!

* Avoid people with high ego and who are hypocrites. If not, then negativity will breed.

* Balance = the two sides of the brain. Left (thinking) and Right (feeling). You are meant to use both. This will allow for your creativity to be amplified. 

* Achieve balance = Simple. Know Thyself. The fastest way is with The ESP Code Numerology!

The Brain And Mind Are Two Separate Things!

* Think of the brain as the physical and the mind as the non-physical. 

* Think of the brain as the car and the mind as you the driver behind the steering wheel of the car. You can drive your brain as you want. 

* Understand how the non-physical works. This is known as the ether or collective cosmic consciousness. To grasp this you need to understand how the planets move and how they influence you.