The ESP Code = The Most Accurate | Unique | Simplest Numerology in the Cosmos ☆ ☆ ☆ Essence | Soul | Purpose ☆ ☆ ☆

Magic Is Energy: Energy Is In The Ether. Energy Will Show Itself Via Synchronicity!

This Has Nothing To Do With White or Black Magic! Or Any Other Type of Colour Magic!

Your Higher Self Communicates With You All The Time.

Connecting The Bridge Between The Ether & You Is The Key To Magic.

That's Why Your INTENTION Is Very Important.

To Then DISCERN The Synchronicities And Thus Cleanse Your KARMA!

Stanley Tsiamoulis (aka Stan Lee) The Mathematical Alchemist!

Uses His Gift From God To Channel Day & Night With His ESP Code Numerology To Guide Humanity!

Faith Is The Key To Magic. To Get There You Must Fight The Fear!

When you access your ESP Code numerology. You begin to tap into your archetypes, your higher self. This is the 2nd phase of Live Your ESP (Your Numbers Your Journey).

Your angels, guides, and guardians will act like your etheric double and help you.

They always have, you just didn't realize it.

My Cosmic Friends The Earth Is Your Playground!

Everything that you have been taught in school, history, and the information you encompass are all just a game.

The key is to play the game with your archetypes and energies not someone else's manipulation.

Discovering your ESP Code allows you to play the game with authenticity and creativity.

The Earth Is Enclosed Under A Dome. The Earth Is A Fixed Flat Disc!

The game has been played on you all your life. The most simple fact that you on earth are NOT spinning around the Sun at 1,000 miles per hour, may seem crazy to you. Think logically, do you feel the earth globe spinning?

This is why I have stated that Astrology is the science of God. Mathematics is the language of God. And Numerology is the code of God. As I channel and guide people with The ESP Code Numerology, I am connecting to the ether under the dome, allowing for true magic to happen via synchronicity.

Imagine Your Higher Self And You Are Always In Sync!

A fundamental principle of The ESP Code is to maximize your strengths and complement your weaknesses. When you are in sync with your life's purpose the ether will bring forth the people and resources to achieve your mission.

Knowing your identity, type of identity, character/life path, and ESP numbers is your own compass to help you maneuver towards your mission.

Spirituality And Science Go Hand In Hand!

The aim in your current life is to ascend. This involves you thinking and feeling your way towards reaching the best version of yourself.

True spirituality and science must be viewed in synergy. Once you awaken to the fact that you have been in a game since birth. You begin to thirst for truth.

Nikola Tesla Tapped Into The Ether To Create Many Technologies!

Tesla is arguably one of earth's greatest inventors. He is often quoted as saying the secrets to the universe are the number 369. This is just one of many quotes.

The ESP Code numerology frequencies are much deeper than 369 and will allow you to see things from singularity, not duality.

Create Your Own Magic. Realign With Your Soul!

The ether can communicate to you visually via orbs. Orbs are frequencies of light that are here to guide us. They can appear in photos to let you know that your guides are around.

To bridge the high realms with the earthly realm The ESP Code numerology can guide you. Stan Lee is here for you.

Taken on 22nd November 2020 (22 [Action]+ November (11) [Vision] = 33 [Guidance]

Taken on 27th February 2021 ( 27 + 2 = 29 > 2+9 = 11 [Vision] 2021 = 5. Thus 11 x 5 = 55 [Portal]

Knowing Your ESP Code Makes You Stronger. Humans Suffered From A Lot of Confusion & Anxiety in 2020. Now In 2021 & Beyond You Must Be Prepared For The Spiritual Battle That Is Happening In Higher Realms, That Is Happening Between Light & Dark Souls!


Access This Rare Cosmic Wisdom. The ESP Code Numerology Course Is Now Available For Those Who Truly Want To Know Thyself!

When The Human Species Know Their Identity. They Will Feel So Much Stronger To Tackle Whatever Problems Face Them In Present Time.

Hence The Need For Humanity To Understand Their ESP Code Numerology.

A Four Numbered Sequence Code. Making Up The

  1. Identity Number
  2. Type of Identity
  3. Character/Life Path
  4. Essence Soul Purpose (ESP)

Stanley Tsiamoulis is a Presenter, Producer & Publisher.

The Teacher’s Teacher & Student of Cosmic Wisdom

The truth seeker with a passionate childlike hunger and thirst for wisdom.

He has a very fast and lateral mind. Who speaks fast to cut to the chase.


It's Time You Discover Your Own Energies & Archetypes. This Can Be Accessed Via The ESP Code Numerology!


Stanley is Very Firm on the Mission. Humanity Requires Humans to Begin the Awakening Phase with His ESP Code Numerology Readings & Mathematical Realignments.

The Cosmos Wants You To Magnify Your Law of Attraction!