Life And Your Numbers!

Life and your numbers is the very unique and yet extremely important information with life and your numbers and how they inter-relate.

We as humans have imperfections. It is essential to always have a positive attitude and a slightly comic view to life. Now i have stated in prior blogs that your date of birth is very important in relation your ESP Codes that are derived from your date of birth are synced with your psychology, biology and physiology.

Life and your numbers
King Zeneth!

When you have clarity of your essence/soul/purpose (ESP) you control your emotions and have a goal in mind. This can keep you on track to always aspire to remain positive and stay on track towards your goal.

Now the beauty of knowing your numbers via The ESP Code is that you can then also know the numbers of other people around you. Imagine in business or personal life you can have “telepathy like” powers in that by simply adding the combination of your numbers and the other person numbers you can quickly know whether this combination will be a stressful or blissful pairing.

Stress will cause frustration and hence ill health. Bliss will create harmony and thus good health. Bend time and space and discover your combinations of the people in your life.

There will always be tough times and obstacles in your life. This is most likely when you are running your a combination of  6 or 9 in relation to your ESP Identity with the current year running.

For example a person with an identity number 6 where their date of birth with day + month = a single digit to 6

14th April = 14 + 4 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 when added to the current year. 2015.

Note: the energy of the year 2016 began Sept 15th 2015. Thus the energy of 2016 year is already starting.

2016 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.

As such Identity number 9 + current year 9 = 18 = 1+8 = 9.

As such a person who is running a 9 year may face obstacles in that they may need to do things twice. There could also be ill health with the family. Maybe starting a business in this running year is not the best.

Here is the beauty of being aware of this. You can deflect the negative by for example not starting a project and hence avoid unnecessary stress. Or if you to start have the perseverance and determination to go ahead and knock each obstacle down.

Life and your numbers
What I Really Am!

Remember their is always a greener light at the end of the tunnel and when you run “better energetic years” things will get better.

Note: A person running a 6 year would most likely have the frustration of always doing things twice.

Note: When you add a number to 9 the number is always 9. Example 3 + 9 = 12 = 1+ 2 = 3 (cool huh!)

Imagine the reflection or mirror of your own energies. You may have heard of mirroring people for psychology. And we sometimes do this subconsciously.

Now remember when you add 9 to any number it equals that number. Here is something interesting.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born Jan 8th 1935. This made his ESP Codes 9 9 9 9.

Now when you add 9 to anything it becomes that number. Hence a reflection or mirror of that number.

A person may have The ESP Code numbers of 3 2 5 1.

3 2 5 1



3 2 5 1

This profound awakening shows the reflection a person has when speaking & following a person who has 9 9 9 9 as their numbers. Maybe this is why a person like Elvis had and still has such a profound following to this day!

The ultimate wisdom of these numbers can be used within your very own communities to allow for an awakening of critical integrative thinkers and movers and shakers.

It’s now time to understand your life and numbers



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