Knowing Your ESP

Numbers = Psychology + Biology

“Some people do what they love. Some do it by default. Some do it by
knowing. Some people do what they don’t love. Some do it by default.
Some do it by knowing. What if you had the ability to know and do
what you love?”
~ Stanley Tsiamoulis, CEO & Founder of Zeneth Culture

The moment for me when I found out why I was born was amazing. It was truly an awakening experience. Who would have thought that the love and speed for maths I had as a young child would meet me again 26 years later.

The validation of knowing why I was born has been crucial. The fear in me subsided and inspiration took over. I now have a goal and target to meet and it has made me a stronger person.

As Socrates said “Know Thyself”. Who would have thought that the calculation of simple numbers using your date of birth can show you this? As I have cross referenced more with various methods I now see The ESP Codemy role validated in what I am to be doing. I am so much stronger in leading and inspiring and the role I play as CEO & Founder Of Zeneth Culture is very important for me to help others.

I have come to understand that the science of the mind and mental behaviours (psychology) and the science of life and living organisms (biology) are both underpinned by numbers. Biology also has many subdivisions such as anatomy and physiology. From the major body organs to the nerves and veins (anatomy) and how these organs work together in finite details (physiology).

I look forward to teaching & inspiring others to know why they were born, to understand their gift, to know their ESP (Essence, Soul Purpose).

Discover your ESP now. The ripple effect with a good energetic vibration will manifest, the moment you know your ESP!



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