Discerning Of Knowledge

In life the many decisions you make in simple terms is based on your depth of knowledge of a certain topic. This comes about from the current wisdom you have and how deep you have studied that knowledge.

You can have advice from family and friends and self-advice from having absorbed information by reading, listening and watching.

The simplest approach to making the best decisions in that moment is to discern, this involves both logic and reasoning. Yes your emotional side can overtake and make the decision anyway.

What you need to do is practice at discerning and using the FEDD principle with the information you encounter. FEDD is an acronym for (Filter, Evaluate, Discern and Discard). I will write more about this later. You are in an era where information is so fast and easily available that discerning can become difficult.

Hence, awareness is the key and practice. Practice by testing and measuring so that you stay focused on the correct path.

eeg testing
Stanley EEG Testing!

Also be aware that brainwaves are contagious. This has been proven with EEG’s. For those in large groups, you may be influenced without even knowing and without others intentionally knowing, because the information does not align with you.

People are so attached to their mobiles and browsing on them. For those that are older you will remember when you would leave your house and not worry about a phone! Now we are so accustomed to the phone if we drive 15 mins we would turn back to get the phone if we had forgotten it. Spend your time wisely in pursuit of knowledge.

I can’t stress enough, discern.

The Conscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind

Your conscious mind is the short term memory. It handles the analysis, rationale and the will power. The subconscious mind over powers the conscious mind 10:1. The subconscious mind is the long term memory. It’s where emotions and habits are. It’s literal. Your perceptions and experiences are here.

I know you may read that there is also the unconscious mind. To simplify it is still the same as the subconscious mind. The idea here is for you to realize your will power alone is up against the mighty power in the subconscious mind. The best approach for you is awareness. Simple numbers can help to quickly correct situations. Learning the ESP Code can give you this along with knowing ahead of time, certain events. You can begin to form better behavioural patterns and also understand certain situations much faster. This will help you to create decisions quickly, whilst being logical and rational. This comes with practice, testing and measuring.

ZenethCulture.com-Logo-Universal Sacred WisdomThink about this for a second. Numbers and mathematics such as the Pi Ratio and the Phi Ratio have stood the test of time. Earth has evidence with the ancient sites all over the world. Numbers are eternal. They never perish. The language may have been viewed differently over time however in essence they are the same calculations.

Humans however do perish.


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