This is the huge debate that is happening around the four corners of Earth right now.

Stanley Tsiamoulis CEO and Founder of Zeneth Culture and Creator of The ESP Code Numerology, says absolutely.

Look up to the stars, this is Astrology!

Stanley has shown in his youtube videos how astrology, religion, science, astronomy and philosophy all go hand in hand. And that separating them is removing yourself from God. All major religions have reference to the celestial planets. In the Bible, most Christians know the story of the three wise men that followed the Star to Jesus. These wise men were known as Magi. They were masters of Astrology and the Sciences.

The term as above so below and as within so without, relates to the macrocosm and the microcosm. The buzz word of quantum physics or mechanics is simply how the celestial planets affect humans on earth. This beautiful and very complex master science of Astrology can show this in a chart form.

Stanley, the deep truth-seeker in all fields has mastered the art of Astrology, Mathematics, and Numerology.

He channels day and night to receive messages from the celestial planets, guides, angels, ascended masters and God.

Stanley urges humanity to see beyond their conscious mind and tap into their soul. For many ancient texts have clues to the past.

For Christians reading the bible. He suggests you read it with simplicity, logic and not read the footnotes of a human’s interpretation. Understand that Astrology is all in the bible. As you do, you will see how The Old Testament is the New Testament revealed, and The New Testament is the Old Testament concealed.

Astrology and Religion!

He suggests you also factor in the “missing books” of the bible. Like any book always cross-reference to validate certain opinions and ideas. Do this in a triangulation format of at least three different resources.

It is very sad that humans have lost the ancient wisdom of how astrology with the timing of planets and prayers is extremely important. This is why it is a science, and also very important to seek the advice of an experienced astrologer.

Stanley Tsiamoulis has infamously termed the phrase:

Astrology is The Science of God
Mathematics is The Language of God
Numerology is The Code of God.

For the first time in history, the keys to the wisdom have been given to Stanley with his creation The ESP Code Numerology.

As he has the gift of being connected to his guardians and guides, the wisdom Stanley channels is very advanced and 50 years ahead of its time. Such that Astrology being Religion can be seen in a very unique way via numbers.

Stanley offers readings and workshops with his Numerology and his students must be connected to him so they get understand the basic elements. The signs of God will show you how synchronicity works with Stanley’s code. He will then guide you via messenger how to discern and use the code correctly and effectively.

Stanley’s astrology is also very advanced and very accurate and currently, he is selecting 12 key billionaires to guide them in his round table of 12 to push humanity forward into the much needed higher consciousness.

It’s time you began to “see” religion in its true form.




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