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Urgent AlertWhat Does Burn The Stage (BTS) Have To Do With The ESP Code Numerology?

Watch The Video Below To See The 7 Lessons That Can Be Taught By BTS!

Lesson 1: Popular music does not need to be in English.

Lesson 1: The ESP Code numerology also breaks the language barrier.

Lesson 2: K-pop stereotypes aren't always true.

Lesson 2: When you discover your ESP code archetypes, there are no stereotypes.

Lesson 3: Catchy songs can hide some seriously meaningful lyrics.

  • From South Korean culture to Greek mythology, to psychological concepts "Map of the soul persona" & "Map of the soul 7", factor Carl Jung's concepts of the Persona, being:
    • the face we show the world
    • the shadow, the one we try to hide,
    • the ego, the center of our consciousness

Lesson 3: Carl Jung with ESP Code 6399, termed the word "Synchronicity". Stanley Tsiamoulis has taken this word to another level with the ESP Code Numerology. Indeed Carl Jung would be pleasantly surprised.

Lesson 4: Self-love is the key to happiness.

  • Love yourself series "epiphany" - a revelation that such relationships are doomed unless we can first learn to love ourselves, faults and all.

Lesson 4: Learn, Live, and Love Your Essence | Soul | Purpose. Humanity needs to access their codes in order to resonate with their higher selves.

Lesson 5: K-pop is so much more than pop music

  • BTS wants to transcend such categorization. Saying genres are "less and less meaningful" and that when it comes to their music, 'the genre is BTS"

Lesson 5: Understanding your own biorhythms is the key to discovering how you are synced with the cosmos. This can be done fast and accurately with the ESP Code numerology.

Lesson 6: Sometimes, the underdog wins.

Lesson 6: The true lightworkers who have worked hard on their gifts, have now been given permission from the ascended masters to help guide humanity.

Lesson 7: One band can make the world better

Lesson 7: Collective Cosmic Consciousness and true singularity is the only way to make Earth better. One must seek true spirituality. And one such method is knowing your ESP Codes for this to happen.

Stanley Can Guide And Advise Humanity In The True Manner With His Channeling of The ESP Code Numerology.

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