The Brain, Mind & The Galactic Link


“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought
without accepting it.”
~ Aristotle

There has been much research on the brain and yet still undiscovered terrain is still being discovered. Perhaps it is a galactic link, with an enormous vast amount of information to study.

Maybe God/Universe has the answers.

 To be able to have control of your brain and mind starts with awareness of yourself and awareness of those around you and the information you absorb.

The Brain & MindKnowing yourself will give you a balanced brain, the ability to use both the left and right side of the brain. This gives you control of your brain.

Not many people hear of this term. Yes we hear of a balanced life of physical,
health and spirituality, which I agree. How about going to someone and saying do you have a “Balanced Brain?”

Would you like to have a balanced brain? To be able to think rational and use numbers whilst also being emotional and artistic.

This involves being not a scatter brain and believing in yourself first.

Maximize Your Neurons

You can maximize the billions of neurons in your brain by first educating yourself about what you eat. Have you ever thought of what you put in your mouth can affect or have an effect on both your mind and body.

Eat as much wild or organic as you can. Different people are affected by chemicals and preservatives and the idea is to avoid them at all costs. I know it can be difficult, however try and be disciplined and get better at it.

Proper exercise is also a must, keep the circulation happening. This can be from just walking around the block and getting some sunshine, to some work in the garden.

Proper thinking is also needed. Knowing yourself and not drifting is very important. I cannot stress this enough. This allows for new Human Brain- Lightsconnections in the brain, known as synapses. You will be amazed at what your mind is capable of.

I have seen so many people looking for answers and they turn at all different
angles and get incorrect advice from con-artists, charlatans, tricksters and dream busters. It starts with you.

 When you align with you and eat better and think better and exercise better, by default you will begin to maximize the neurons in your brain.

Using The Left Brain

Do not be afraid of calculations. For doing calculations helps you with your life. When you learn The ESP Code and you start to get excited with the knowledge you will soon work more on the left brain.

Go through the logical and analytical process of the left brain and suddenly your creativity opens up and your fear subsides and your emotions are better controlled. Now you will also access the right brain. The numbers will amplify and allow you to stay on your path.

Know Your Numbers!


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