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Urgent AlertWhat Does BlackPink Have To Do With The ESP Code Numerology?

Watch The Video Below To See The 7 Lessons From The Story Behind The BlackPink:

Light Up The Sky Documentary!

Lesson 1: K-pop bands are not all manufactured.

Lesson 1: When you access your archetypes with The ESP Code numerology, you become natural and begin to understand your biorhythms.

Lesson 2: The band members compliment each other.

Lesson 2: The ESP Code numerology can show you how to maximise your strengths and compliment your weaknesses with profiling.

Lesson 3: When everyone settles into their roles, that's how synergy is born.

Lesson 3: When you access your ESP Code synergy is magnified with synchronicity.

Lesson 4: The band has a balance between being individual and as a group

Lesson 4: The first step is to Know Thyself. Being a critical integrated thinker will allow you to naturally blend with others in both your business and personal life.

Lesson 5: Make a lot of sacrifices with hard work is ambition.

Lesson 5: When you are in flow with your passion. You are happy and can create amazing things, that sometimes don't even feel like work.

Lesson 6: K-pop bands are just human beings.

Lesson 6: Humans all have the ability to become a better version of themselves. The first step begins with understanding your archetypes.

Lesson 7: There is a lot of mystery and negativity around the K-pop academy system of the training schools

Lesson 7: Learning about esoteric mysteries is essential for your spiritual growth. Humans have free will in whom and what they learn from. Remember there are light and dark souls on Earth. Seek and follow the light.

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