The Ancient Greek Wisdom Preachers, Were Teachers

The Ancient Greeks have influenced both the Western an Eastern world in such a positive way that many people are unaware.

In the field of mathematics, health, philosophy, religion, science & technology, poetry, arts, music, architecture, business, military, leadership, ethics and metaphysics.

PythagorasThere was such sacred wisdom and a specifically brilliant historical era between 800BC and 600 AD.

There are many influential leaders today who have in their library many books from teachers in this era.

How did they come up with so much knowledge? Could it be the same way current people create some marvellous ideas and technologies to help human kind? There have been many times when they were asked, how did they find the formulas or come up with an idea or followed this path or that, which changed the course of history.

If you think logically many benevolent leaders have inspired and created based on their knowledge and the information they have Socrates Thinkingabsorbed and retained. Many have stated that they enjoyed learning and reading from this teacher, philosopher, mathematician, artist and so on from the Ancient Greek era.

Remember the subconscious over powers the conscious 10:1. That’s a 90% ratio to the subconscious.

The soul of the person will either follow a purpose that is of spirit for the good of human kind or for the bad of human kind.

There have also been many malevolent leaders who have caused destruction and sought dominance over others. They too have absorbed and retained information to create their subconscious beliefs. Their spirit was not for the better of human kind. Hence this spirit led their body, mind and soul.

Learn and discern from history as there are many pearls of wisdom to take.

History shows you the path to the future. Embrace it and then tweak it to create the dream you desire. Allow the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks to propel you!


business, ethics, health, mathematics, philosophy, poetry, religion, wisdom

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