Activating Technology Better

Activating technology better is being able to adapt, improvise and compromise with the ever so fast changing technology.

With so many options these days at our disposal you have the ability to select and choose the systems, tools and structures that technology allows. Sometimes this may involve you being able to speak the same language as “techie” people. Or sometimes it may involve just understanding the basic principles of a certain technology to allow you to pull together the correct resources to maximise the  technology.

The younger generation has easily caught on well and embraced technology. The older generation needs to adapt to it. For as 2016 races by it will only get faster and more efficient.

Activating Better Technology
Activating Better Technology

We must also not forget that we are part of mother nature and Earth being our mother requires us to be in tune with nature. This may involve stepping away from technology for a few hours to embrace all the beauty that nature brings. Can you do without your smartphone for a few hours?

There is talk of all the Electric Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) effecting humans, which no doubt it is. Indeed there is good technology so to speak to help reduce the effect of this. The best arm of defence to this mother nature. Planet Earth has all the healing solutions for you. It is just a matter of tapping into it.

With technology do not be bound by it. Use your intuition to manoeuvre yourself with the various technologies that come your way. Form a limitless approach, in that be open to new models, systems, tools and procedures. This allows for flexibility and growth.

Now depending on whether you are young or old different people can embrace technology whilst others cannot. The key is to align yourself with others who have the strengths you don’t in order to have technology that runs smoothly. An example of this is running your business on the internet with your own website. There are software and tools that allow you to create and maintain the site. Others feel they can outsource this to a web developer  to handle. There is no set rule, however you as the CEO of your business must always have a grasp of the overall picture.

The best way to tackle any technological issues is to get things down on paper. Yes, the old school way. Now I mind map and flip the paper to landscape to map out the plan of how I tackle technology. Now I am aware of mid map software, and they are great. However, I still initially use paper. The reason for this is it activates your creativity and I take it a step further. I use different coloured pens and NOT black, to activate the right side of brain. As such it allows me to have a balanced approach in the decision making process of logic and emotion.

In my online business and I am sure your’s. We come across so many latest software, tools and systems. The key is to ask yourself “what do I need now in my business to take me to the next level?”

Activating Technology Better
Embrace Technology

Thus, activating technology better starts with you having a balanced approach in your business and life. Allow the energies of mother nature to give you the clarity you need to further better your lives with technology.



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