Stanley Tsiamoulis, Stylianos To The Top
Stanley Tsiamoulis, Dreams to Reality

Why Stanley Tsiamoulis Set Forth His Mission To Ignite The Inner Essence | Soul | Purpose (ESP) of 10 Million People Starting With Their Date of Births!

To Allow People To Live Life On Their Own Terms. Following The 3 Step System of 1 Learn, 2 Live, and 3 Love Your ESP.

Stanley Tsiamoulis, Founder of Zeneth Culture:
Creator of The ESP Code Numerology. (ESP = Essence | Soul | Purpose):
The Messenger/Portal | Master Number 33 | The Teacher’s Teacher:

Stanley is a master Numerologist and Astrologer! Creating the most unique numerology system on planet Earth.

Stanley has an amazing ability to speed read books at 1,000 words per minute, and photographic read books at 52,000 words per minute subconsciously. He has taken this speed and implemented it into his numerology system.

He is an esoteric entrepreneur and SPIRITUAL ADVISOR from Sydney Australia. A true seeker of the term Know Thyself. He has self taught himself amazing wisdom from the best in their fields of wealth, health and balance.

Balance being Spiritual Transformation via the Esoteric Wisdom of:

* Numerology/Astrology/Astronomy
* Metaphysics/Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics
* Religion/Philosophy/Science/Mind & Brain

Some Images of Stanley’s Wisdom Time Line:




It Pays To Learn

In life you come across a situation where you will need some extra guidance in a specific task, niche or field. This is targeted learning. There are specific lessons for you to get you to your next level whilst staying on your path.

This can save you a lot of time and money, even though you are paying to be taught. You may think getting free information is easy with online information. Yes there is some great info on-line. However when you look back at the best in the field they always have a coach or a mentor, who takes them to the next level.

Stanley Tsiamoulis+Bret Thomson-Copy Writing Expert-Gold Coast Australia, 15.02.15

Copywriting Training With World Expert Brett Thomson, Queensland Australia, February 2015.


Internet Marketing Mastery with World Expert Armand Morin, Sydney Australia, November 2016.

Stanley Tsiamoulis+Gideon Shalwick-Video Marketing Expert-Gold Coast Australia, 15.02.15

Video Skill Lessons With World Expert Gideon Shalwick, Queensland Australia, February 2015.

Stanley Empowering Africans-Dec 6th 2008

Stanley Empowering 2,500 Africans in Nigeria & Africa, Dec 2008.

Stanley Tsiamoulis+Alex Pirouz, Linked In Expert, Sydney, Sept 2nd 2015

Linked In Mentoring With World Expert Alex Pirouz, Sydney Australia, September 2015.

Stanley Presentation-Las Vegas-Oct 10th 2009

Stanley Being Presented an Award In Las Vegas, USA, October 2009.



Is Food Medicine & Medicine Food?

Hippocrates the Father of Western Medicine born around 460 BC said “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. There is also The Hippocratic Oath which was originally required by new physicians to swear upon a number of healing gods to uphold stringent ethics. It has been modified for some practices using it in the 21st century. If you think about the line “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, it’s simple and logical. Yet so many people cannot grasp this. If you cross reference with religious books they will tell you that eating close to nature is best. God/Universe gave you the answers you need to enjoy good health.

Do you think if you had a clear defined purpose, that you would do all it takes to get your health on track to live that purpose? The body you live in is your body and no one else’s. You can get knowledge to cross reference to get it at its best possible state. It’s your free will to truly change your lifestyle to stay healthy. You need to cross reference with your health just the same as you do in other areas of your life.

Look, again think logically. Let’s use your left brain. You find out who you are. You have a gift. Automatically you will have a thirst for life and want to look after yourself. Now paint a picture of these logical steps in your mind. That’s right visualize (use the right brain) and hold that positive thought everyday. Write a goal on a piece of paper, and also draw or find a picture of how you want to look. You have work to do. Get Healthy! So you can maximize your gift. Does it make sense to you to create financial wealth without factoring in your health? Balance, remember. Think about it, your health is your wealth.

Stanley Tsiamoulis & Peter Edwards-Gold Coast-Nov 17th 2011

Stanley’s 5 days of Intense Studying With The Best in Naturopathy, Peter Edwards, Queensland Australia, November 2011,


Higher Learning:


Balance = Spirituality

You absorb so much information coming in from so many angles it can be daunting. Staying on track of it all is very difficult. One way I have found useful is applying the The FEDD principle. This is anacronym for Filter|Evaluate|Discern|Discard. You absorb information from loved ones, TV, movies, the internet, books, and yourself via observation. As you increase your awareness of who you are, and the goals you need to meet, you will filter information much more quickly and clearly. Have an open mind and evaluate the information and see if it is for your higher purpose. Asking better questions and being in your flow will help you to discern much better. This is the crucial key, where you self-correct and say “Hmmm, is this serving my goal, do I really need this or that?” You then discard what remains and master it.

Remember also that people’s opinions and views are just their perception on topics according to how they absorb information and what drives their motives in search for information. Be careful of people who just absorb or eat all the information without going deeper and do not discern by using the crystal apples strategy as discussed earlier. These people will repeat or recite back to you misinformation, I call these people “Eater Repeater”.

Time is of the essence and you have work to do to meet your goals. Master The FEDD Principle.

EEG Test

Speed Reading & Balancing The Brain With EEG Testing in Scotland, April 2012


Kevin Trudeau With Secret Society Wisdom,
Sydney Australia, February 2012

Stanley Tsiamoulis & Melinda, March 19th 2013, Florida, USA

Photographic Reading & Subconscious Limitless Potential in Florida USA, March 2013.

Stanley Tsiamoulis+Dr Demartini, Feb 23rd 2013, Sydney

The Teachings of Dr Demartini,
Sydney Australia, February 2013.

Hindu Wisdom:


The Ancient Wisdom of The Vedic Science, March 2013.


The Yoga Teachings of Swami Sarasvati,
Sydney Australia, December 2012.

Buddhist Wisdom:

Stanley Tsiamoulis, in suit, Zeneth Culture book 1, 06.12.16+ 4

Stanley Speaking About His Book At A Buddhist Temple,
Sydney Australia, December 2016.

Christian Wisdom:

Zeneth Culture+Christian Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Teachings With A Wise Christian Priest, Crete Greece, October 2016.

Numerology & Astrology:

Stanley, find your way by the stars, Sydney Observatory, Oct 20th 2013

Sydney Observatory, Find Your Way To The Stars, Sydney Australia, October 2013

Stanley Tsiamoulis, Mastering Astrology, QLD, Sept 12th 2015

Stanley Mastering Astrology, Queensland Australia,
September 2015.


Sydney Observatory, The Movement of Venus,
Sydney Australia, May 2014.

Stanley, Psychic TV Australia, 03.02.17+1

Stanley Showing His Wisdom on The ESP Code and Psy Cards on Psychic TV, Sydney Australia, February 2017.


Stanley’s Mission As Founder of Zeneth Culture, To Empower 10 Million People With Higher Learning Education & Wisdom.

Exactly Just Like World Cup Soccer Brings All The Nations Together Peacefully Under One Roof, Entertaining Whilst Creating An Amazing and Awesome Experience.
Zeneth Culture Dreams To Do The Same!

Together Let’s Empower The Four Corners of Earth With The World Cup ESP Code Numerology!

Brazil 2014: Amazing Atmosphere & Experience of Being At a World Cup Soccer Match!

France 2016. Awesome Music Video Listing Soccer’s Greatest Talents!

Asia 2015: The Passion of A Spiritual Entrepreneur & Soccer!

Stanley is the creator of The ESP Code. ESP is an acronym for Essence | Soul | Purpose. A unique and highly accurate numerical system using people’s date of birth to allow them to discover themselves with SPIRITUAL READINGS like never before.

Merging the ancient wisdom of complex astrology from the Greeks, Indians/Vedic, Chinese, and Western, to come to life a SIMPLE numbered system that is creating amazing soul searching treasures. A real SPIRITUAL HEALER.

You have four numbers in Your ESP Code NOT just one number you know as your life number.

You need to know all four of your numbers including your IDENTITY number to guide you accurately, simple and fast.

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Now Tested on Over 3,500 Cosmic Seekers! And as seen on Psychic TV Australia.

Stanley has the ability to tap into the 6th sense of Claircognizance or “clear knowing”. This is when he knows something without reading or being told about it. This is the metaphysical sense that allows him to know something is real or will be.

The unique ability is that Stanley knows Why, What and How he comes into the information. He then can manifest his feelings into thoughts.

He does this by acting as a portal and connecting to the energy of the numbers and reads your energy through them.

This is done via information, facts, insights and perceptions relating to people and circumstances. These are then downloaded to Stanley from the universe (heavenly realm) into the physical (earthly realm).

Today Stanley’s mission is to ignite the inner Essence | Soul | Purpose and radiate 10 million people with esoteric wisdom to finally allow people to 1.Learn, 2.Live, and 3.Love their ESP. To truly live a life on their own terms. True LIFE COACHING & BUSINESS COACHING.


Awakening The TRUE Spiritual Wisdom Seekers

“The vision of Zeneth Culture is to create an amazing, happy, fun, positive, hard working & honest community of people who master the 3 steps of 1.Learn, 2.Live and 3.Love their ESP. A community where people strive to elevate and collaborate to achieve their ultimate happiness.

We ask the 3 questions.

1. Why Are You Here?
2. What Are You Doing Now?
3. How Will You Get There?

Seeking the answers to these questions will ignite an exponential effect, shifting people to create amazing things together. A totally balanced approach of achieving an abundance of prosperity and wealth. The most vibrant and glowing health possible. At the same time always seeking to spiritually learn like a child absorbing wisdom and accessing the keys to the universe.

Stanley has always been a deep thinker.
Going against the herd, he has always been the black sheep so to speak to in striving for seeking and wanting to be more spiritual.

Stanley from a young age had an ability with numbers in mathematics at school. With speed and accuracy in mathematics beating his teacher in a competition.

This formed the basis of Essence | Soul | Purpose for people to seek deep within. Hence The ESP Code.

Stanley is a big advocate of creating your own Movie in life, by turning your dreams into reality. You can be the producer and director of your own story.

Just like being at an ample theatre watching the best performance.

Sit back and relax and eat your pop-corn to your own fantastic movie as it unfolds into the journey you deserve.
Stanley wishes nothing more than true seekers to go on their own journey.

Stanley, always had the drive to be egoless and seek for guidance along his journey from honourable spiritual people.
This humble approach led Stanley to see people’s characters from all walks of life.

Stanley found that we are all leading to the same ultimate journey and the practice of discernment and free will is offered to all human beings.

Indeed just as written in Stanley’s book about the attributes of philosophers of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
Stanley would later discover at a monastery in the famous Meteora Greece, that these same philosophers ALL had visions just like Isaiah in the bible’s Old Testament of the coming of the son of God.

These seeking pearls of wisdom is what Stanley wishes upon people to discover on their own, the next “gold nugget” so to speak.

Stanley throughout his journey would come across road blocks, setbacks and this led him to become stronger and look within to know himself. Having acquired clarity with the perseverance of seeking; Stanley would soon vision the winding road become easier to journey.

Stanley found that through the Essence | Soul | Purpose (ESP) people could have clarity, confidence and begin to create amazing things as their minds became more still.

Throughout the ancient scripts humans have battled both here in the earthly plane and also in the spiritual plane. Stanley began to find parallels with these two planes and the practice of prayer would bring about a positive harmonic resonance that could help still the mind and give clarity. Combined with The ESP Code this allowed for true creativity to be sparked within.

Stanley is aware that we may have certain limitations, certain glass ceilings so to speak. In reality we may not get 100 times stronger, or 100 times more intelligent. Sure there is the limitless mindset. However on earth we can be 100 times more courages. This courage comes from faith and clarity on your purpose.

Thus Stanley’s mission is to ignite the inner Essence | Soul | Purpose and radiate 10 million people with esoteric wisdom to finally allow people to 1.Learn, 2.Live, and 3.Love their ESP. To truly live a life on their own terms.

Would You Like To Begin Your Journey And Become 100 Times More Courages?

Stanley is now for the first time also sharing his wisdom via the digital portal of a members site, online courses site and masters (1 on 1) site to guide people so that they access the most awesome life they deserve.

His book, “Your Numbers Your Journey, How The Secrets of The ESP Code Reveal Your Destiny”, is an amazon best seller in the Psychology section, amongst the names of some of the greats in history.

Stanley’s amazing wisdom and heart based values will ignite your inner passion. Your personal and business relationships, careers, health, finances, children, what ever it may be, will be clarified extremely fast. This will then give you the confidence and creativity you need for your life!

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