Humanity is surrounded by numbers everywhere. Indeed numbers are the code of God used all over the earth.


Stanley Tsiamoulis (aka, Stan Lee), The Mathematical Alchemist, as a master number 33 has created the most accurate, unique and simplest numerology in the cosmos.

The Three things the ESP Code Numerology can teach you are the following:

3 Things Numerology Can Teach You

1: Knowing your characteristics and attributes at the soul level. This means at your subconscious level. The subconscious level outweighs the conscious level by a minimum of 10,000 times.

Humanity is very confused and stuck in the lower dimensions and frequencies. As 2020 began on the 15th of September 2019, people must rise above the fake personas and stand in their soul level.

With The ESP Code, you can be guided with this via numbers. Stanley can help via his readings, workshops, and his proprietary Astrology charting system.

2: Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of others. Thus, allowing you to magnify your strengths and complement your weaknesses.

Learning your numerology codes and your families or workmates can provide for better communication, creativity, and productivity.

3. How to avoid pitfalls in the future and seize opportunities via understanding your bio-rhythms and cycles. Thus looking at the macro-level of the year ahead and even the micro-level of the month, day, hour and even the minute.

This can reduce frustration and increase your happiness and success as certain events and milestones can be reached with much more efficiency.

Stanley, being the 33 numerology, with his life path number 33 is here to guide and help you understand yourself at a level that you never thought possible.

Life Path Number 33

The first step would be to have a numerology reading with him. With his amazing ability to channel very fast, he will mind-map your tailored solutions for you. His unique style of having his guides and ascended masters give him the solutions to his clients via numbers is a blessing to be seen or heard.

The second step is Stanley’s workshops are the fundamentals taught so that you can initially grasp your codes and how to use them. After the workshop, you will need to have access to him via phone, skype, messenger, etc…

You will be applying your ESP Code daily and witnessing first hand the practicality of numerology. You will have direct access to Stanley to ask questions and tweak your codes so as to filter and discern the information, which is crucial.

So let’s start you on your path of crystal clarity, and towards the life, you are meant to have. It all begins with knowing yourself and not someone else’s agenda of what they try to push onto you.

Having a coach who is a master in their field is a blessing and accessing data and information about yourself that is very advanced is something only the creator of The ESP Code can offer you. Stanley is here for you, however, you will have to begin the first step and connect with him.

It’s time to rise above the dense frequencies and begin your numbers your journey.



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